Taurus is LRA's first development hybrid engine. Closely integrated with the first iteration of our test stand designs, Taurus will be used to collect valuable data through multiple hot-fire tests to verify our extensive simulations and models.

The base of knowledge created through the Taurus development engine will be used to construct the Capra flight-weight engine, which will be the primary motor option for the 2019 IREC competition rocket.

Horizontal Engine Test Stand

Located at the Pickle Research Campus, the horizontal engine test stand will serve as an effective testing facility for TAURUS engine development prototypes. Featuring a blast-proof test bed and numerous other safety features, the test stand will provide essential data for fine-tuning and advancing the TAURUS project towards the CAPRA flight-weight design.

Acoustic Resonator

The acoustic resonance igniter (ARI) project was a proof of concept ignition method for rocket engines using methane and oxygen. The resonance igniter was designed by an LRA alumni, and research/manufacturing was done by LRA.

Members gained experience in machining, research, conducting experiments, working with engine test stands, electronics, data acquisition and safely operating high pressure systems.