Longhorn Rocketry Association

Longhorn Rocketry Association

Our goal is to enhance undergraduate education by applying what students learn in the classroom and going beyond to gain the experience necessary to become rocket engineers

Welcome to the Longhorn Rocketry Association's website! We are a student organization dedicated to allow rocketry enthusiasts to design, build with composite materials, and fly amazing high powered rockets under the supervision of UT's Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. 


For the 2016-2017 academic year, LRA will continue several projects that are aimed to reach our goals:

  1. create rockets with in-house built components including fiberglass and carbon fiber body frames and learn about a variety of building processes like vacuum bagging, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more
  2. develop the avionics and ground systems equipment for data gathering and tracking our rockets' performance
  3. integrate a custom rocket engine designed, built, and tested by LRA's members
  4. build upon LRA's collective knowledge of complex rocket design, build optimization, research, and development to reach an altitude of 100,000 feet. 

Our general meetings are in WRW 113, on Fridays at 5 pm. Build days and times depend on what group you join: Certification, Staged, or Engine Development. 

More information on our projects and how you can get involved with our team can be found under the Projects page. We will be regularly updating this website, so come back for the latest from LRA!

LRA News and Updates

Hutto Launch Success! 

The launch on September 3rd was a complete success! Of the 4 rockets launched, 3 LRA members got certified with Tripoli Rocketry and Nether, the first Serial Staged rocket, also flew in Hutton. The launch was hosted by the Austin Area Rocketry Group (AARG). As seen in this picture on the left, Sputnick 1 was found standing upright in a nearby cornfield. Congratulations to the newly certified members and to the Staged group! 

Learn more about Certification Group and Staged by clicking the links below. 


LRA moves out

LRA's Engine Development team has moved to the J.J. Pickle Research Center!  Once renovated, this will be the test site for Acoustic Resonance Igniter and our future hybrid rocket engines. 

Learn more about the Engine Development team and their progress by clicking the link below.


Awaiting Launch

Nether, the first of two staged rockets, is complete!  Projected to reach 20,000 ft, Nether will put LRA one step closer to our 100,000 ft goal at it's launch in September.

 Find out more about Nether's construction and the future of the Staged team by clicking the link below.



Construction of the engine test stand is taking huge leaps this summer.  It will eventually hold LRA's first Acoustic Resonance Igniter (ARI) throughout it's first rounds of test fires in the upcoming months.

 Learn more about the Engine Development team's ARI and test stand by clicking the link below.

LRA 2016-2017 Projects