Syncope, the LRA's entry into the 2018 Spaceport America Cup, reached an altitude of 9,201 ft carrying the scientific payload Headrush. Headrush was designed to test the strain of high-G forces on the vena cava. Carrying a custom electronics board designed and built by students, Syncope soared powered by a Cessaroni L1115. 



Vargur was the LRA's entry in the 2017 IREC competition. Powered by an M-class solid fuel motor, Vargur reached an altitude of 10,000 ft. and Mach 1 while carrying a custom electronics payload, Muninn, which recorded a variety of air-quality parameters throughout the flight.



The staged systems team's first prototype, Nether was the LRA's first attempt at a serial-staged rocket. Nether successfully launched and staged for the first time in September 3rd of 2016, and has since undergone several successful tests.

Legacy Rockets

Before its re-establishment as a technically focused student organization, the LRA fabricated and launched a number of quirky designs under its high-power divisions. Check out the gallery for some interesting takes on rocket design!